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Welcome to BITOS LLC

Everyone knows that Information Technology is an essential part of business today. And since IT is everywhere, it should just work, right?  So why does every small and medium sized business have to work on their IT every month, week or even every day?  If your IT doesn't just work for you, it is time to look for another way. An outsourced IT department has the expertise to work with your business and help adapt your systems to work naturally for the employees. This allows them to do their work, their way without figuring out "how the computer wants to do it." Further, they can implement tools which allow them to respond immediately, and often automatically to when systems fail. It is even possible to anticipate some failures and repair a system before work time is lost. And when an employee needs help, they can get it without disrupting someone else. An individual can request assistance and receive help and training right from their PC. 

If your IT doesn't just work, it is time to find another way.


Robert M.

Pueblo, CO

Mr. Brown was very knowledgeable. He had a great demeanor, helping us with many problems regarding our computer, lab top, and printer. I would recommend him to others.

Robert S.

Colorado City, CO

Showed up right on time, corrected the problem on my Mac computer as well as my wife's PC. Knowledgable, personable and fairly priced for having to drive as far as he did. He was able to answer…

Patricia P.

Pueblo, CO

very knowledgeable and was great at explaining what was going on with printer

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