The Top 6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Outsource Their IT Services And Computer Support To BITOS, LLC.

  • Our support plans are customized to fit your needs, so you never have to pay for services you do not need. Are you tired of being lumped in with a large company and having to pay for services you never use? All our Advanced Capability Plans for small businesses are customized to what you need. You are then billed monthly for these services making budgeting a breeze. If you ever need added services, we provide those at either an additional monthly fee, or as a discounted one-time service. Our plans are meant to grow with you, not restrict your growth.
  • Complete lifecycle management from new system deployment to responsible disposal. Whether you have an established office, refreshing technology, building a new office, or are setting up permanent work-from-home solutions, we design, implement, support, and maintain your workspace in an environmentally sensitive fashion. Our enterprise experience combined with small business focus allows us to adapt the benefits of the most advanced technologies without the high costs or unwieldly burdens of large organizations.
  • We provide loaner laptops and Chromebooks so there is not a disruption in workflow. To a small business, downtime for a broken computer in the shop, is dollars lost. You cannot afford to have an employee or you waiting around for a fix or a new device. That is why BITOS will provide either a loaner laptop or loaner Chromebook for you to use while you are waiting. At no extra cost to you. It is all included in your Advanced Capability Plan.
  • Over 30 years’ experience in working with small businesses and their work from home employees. 100% of our workforce works from home which means we not only understand your needs, we live it. Every day we are faced with the same challenges you face as a small business working from home. We have creative solutions to overcome many issues such as data back up with slow internet or overtaxed internet, staying secure and making sure your employees understand what you expect of them, and just basic guidelines on etiquette and ethics while working from home. To help you address these, we offer employee training and provide acceptable use policies and other documentation for your work from home employees.
  • We provide in person support as well as remote support to work from home employees‒even in remote areas. Most computer support companies only provide remote support, especially to small businesses. Since small business is all we do, we provide both remote and on-site visits. If we cannot fix it remotely, we will come out to you with no drive-time fee. You will not be billed for our time driving or our mileage. If we need to take it to our shop, we will pick up and deliver for free.
  • We specialize in replacing old antiquated systems and applications that you just cannot seem to get rid of. Two words. Windows 7. How many of your essential apps only run on Windows 7? Do you really have time to research a comparable app that will run on Windows 10? One of our services is to help you with that research. We will even download and install it on your new upgraded system.