Tired of buying expensive servers that are not fully utilized or having to pay for expensive repairs whenever your servers have a small hiccup? Your servers are the brains of your business computer systems, and a properly implemented server architecture can dramatically increase the efficiency of your business. Proper maintenance of your servers can prevent costly repairs as well as prevent downtime and loss of data.

Let BITOS' Server Management team provide you the benefits every business should get from its servers:

  • Monitoring - With our 24/7/365 monitoring system, our technicians can correct errors that occur, before your business suffers any down time.
  • Planning - Our account management team will help you right size every purchase so you won't be spending more on server hardware that you don't need.
  • Cloud Migrations - Take advantage of the latest in cloud computing to reduce costs or completely eliminate the need to purchase onsite servers, all while increasing efficiency and eliminating down time.
  • Upgrades - Still have old Microsoft Windows servers that need to be upgraded? Our support team can help you plan your migrations to take advantage of the latest and greatest technologies and secure your servers.

Talk to BITOS today about these server support services in Southern Colorado, and make server problems disappear.