BITOS Speaks Our Language. We Never Feel Like Tech Idiots

We depend on our computer to maintain and grow our business, but we are farmers-not techies. When we learned we had to replace our computer due to Windows 7 becoming obsolete we wigged out. BITOS saved us. Kerry helped us find a new computer that met our present and future business needs without breaking our budget.

BITOS transferred our data, logos, labels, forms, and photos from our old computer to our new computer. They delivered it, set it all up and made sure it was working. They are honest and efficient, and we never felt like tech idiots. The best part is we never had to leave the farm, our business operations were never interrupted, and we were able to spend our time doing what we do best-caring for our animals and making our products.

Mary & John O’Brien Belly Acres Goat Milk
&Vegan Skin Care

Quick Response Time. Always Patient

The staff at BITOS are always available when I need help. They address any issues immediately. Unlike our previous computer support company, they have the patience to explain what the issues are. Since we are a non-profit budget is a big constraint. BITOS has shown me how to take advantage of the resources we already have which has helped when it comes time to review the budget.

If you are on the fence about hiring a computer support company, I would recommend BITOS. We gave BITOS a chance and they have proven they are the right choice time and time again. They have proven their worth to us and I am sure they will prove their worth to you.

Paulette Shapland Lighthouse Pregnancy
Resource Center

BITOS Expertise Gives Me Peace Of Mind

BITOS has the knowledge and expertise with all thing’s computer related. I have confidence that they will take care of my computer and shield it from viruses and malware. This confidence gives me Peace of Mind.

Bitos is easy to deal with and instills confidence with their knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail. If you are considering a different IT firm, do not waste your time and money on someone else, just go with the best. I believe I did.

Pat O’Connor Home Office User

A Rarity In The Field Of Technology Services And Products.

We called BITOS LLC when critical data files were corrupted on our network. Since hiring them, we have had no hiccups with our Macs. The critical applications and data on our machines have been secure and available. Everything has worked the way it should. This is indeed rare in the field of technology services and products.

If you want your technology to just work, give BITOS a call.

Joshua Shipman CFO
Pikes Peak Respite Services

Stands Out Over All Other IT Companies In The Area.

My biggest benefit to using BITOS LLC is their efforts to work with me and respond to my computer issues quickly.

This company is the best I have ever worked with. They respond quickly, show up on time, provide excellent training in easy, simple language, and repair or replace equipment in a timely fashion so I can do my job.

I whole heartedly recommend BITOS LLC.

Mickey Marion Home Based Business

Unique Issues? Painless and Easy

BITOS goes the distance for a reasonable price.

They do not mind stepping outside of their comfort zone to help with unique issues that other providers will not even consider. I had several motorcycles I wanted to sell. I did not know how to sell them online or how to write the ads. Even though this is not a typical service they provide, BITOS came out, took pictures, wrote the ads, and posted them on 3 different sites. It was painless and easy for me.

If BITOS can make a unique issue painless, imagine what they can do with everyday issues. Choose BITOS. They will get the job done.

John Gerak Residential
Colorado Springs

BITOS came to the rescue and helped me where others failed.

I had a fairly new gaming PC which failed on me shortly after the warranty expired. I took it to a local IT company who kept it for a month and then stopped returning my calls. BITOS helped me get my computer back and diagnosed what was wrong with my machine. Unfortunately, it was unrepairable but BITOS was able to put together a temporary system which got me going until I could afford a new gaming PC. Kerry has a great communication style and was willing to travel to my home, pick up my PC, and return it quickly. I never had to leave my house. He did this for a competitive price and restored my confidence in IT support providers. I would not use anyone else.

Joshua Wood Residential

BITOS Responds Quickly So I Can Continue To Work At Home.

BITOS came out and installed a new printer for me. I called them because I couldn’t get the company I had a warranty with to even answer the phone and I needed this fixed in order to work at home during this time. Not only did BITOS answer the phone but they came out right away. My new printer is working beautifully, and I can do my job. Kerry did a great job installing my printer, making sure it worked before he left allowing me to work at home with a reliable printer. This is a great IT company to use and Kerry is timely, communicative, answered all my questions in a way I could understand, and the printer was installed perfectly. I will use them again.

Nancy Cheney Home Office User