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Managed Backup and Business Continuity

If all of the computer equipment in your office was lost tonight to burglary or natural disaster, how long would it take to get your systems back online? Which systems do you need to have working before you can conduct ANY business? How much will this downtime cost in lost business? How much data will simply be lost forever? Does lost data expose you to legal issues?

BITOS experts can help you understand the answers to these questions and formulate plans which will allow your business to survive a disaster of any scale and not break the bank in the meantime. We will help you understand what your critical systems are and where they are housed. And we will develop a plan to get them back on line in accordance with your business needs. Whether you need them back in days or minutes, we can create a strategy to meet your needs.

Once we have a strategy, we will ensure it is fully implemented and monitor to make sure backups are completed according to plan, and that off site copies are being made. We will also monitor the backup system in the event of a ransomware attack, where someone tries to take your data hostage. Our systems can automatically detect these types of attacks and ensure that pre-attack backups remain available to recover data.


If you want:

  • Peace of mind about your business
  • A plan ready for if disaster strikes
  • To no longer have to check backups yourself

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