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Managed Services

Managed Services is simply the industry term for IT support which is outsourced to another company. These services are packaged together to provide the support you need while at the same time making IT costs more predictable. But since each business is unique, your provider should provide a package for your business. A pre-made Managed Services Packages is like a shoe. One size may fit your neighbor but it may not fit you. Would you buy the shoe hoping it would somehow fit well enough to provide what you need? Probably not. That is why here at BITOS, LLC we tailor each and every package to fit your unique needs and your unique budget. You will not pay for services that don’t fit, that are too small, large, or uncomfortable. We strive to make sure all our customers have the perfect fit. This approach allows you to get your IT spending under control so you can focus on what matters most to you, running your business. 

Click below to receive a free IT Systems and Network Diagnosis. We can complete our work through phone calls and teleconferences. We don't need to physically access your site, and your data remains completely secure. We will evaluate your present IT solutions including a Network and Data Security Scan, analysis of workstations and servers, and will even do a Dark Web scan for information which may have already leaked from your company systems. Once completed, we will provide you with a complete report including a data security score, details of what is going well today and areas of risk which should be addressed.

If you want:

  • Be free of the burden of managing your network
  • Get IT spending under control
  • Have a complete solution for all your IT needs
  • Get your issues addressed with a single call

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