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Hosted Business Phone System

What are hosted phone systems?

Just 50 years ago, practically no one in the US owned their phone, they rented it from the phone company and those companies would not allow customer owned equipment to be attached to their networks. As the laws changed, and competition arose businesses started investing in Private Board Exchange (PBX) systems. These systems allowed larger companies to implement advanced calling systems at lower cost than direct phone company services. But these systems have typically been expensive to buy, complex to maintain and their features were limited by the hardware, so they didn't grow with the owner.

Today, Hosted VoIP systems allow companies to get the advantages of a PBX as a service. There is no expensive PBX hardware, or even software to purchase and maintain. These systems have up-to-date advanced features, and since there is no hardware limitation, those features continue to grow over time, often as part of the service package.

Our basic packages include: unlimited number of extensions, installation and setup and iPhone/Android/Windows apps for virtual extensions, as well as Web Conferencing, Video Conferencing up to 100 participants, Voicemail to Email and many other features. Our customers are able to immediately transition to a work-at-home model with employees using soft-phone extensions on their PC or smartphone and have all the features they had in the office, without a major investment in upgrades or new features. It even includes its own built in conferencing system allowing up to 100 participants to join a conference. With this, you will no longer be dependent on another expensive third party application like Zoom or GoTo Meeting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Other competitors charge you per extension, this means you pay the same amount for every phone, even the ones you don't use! Our model is entirely capacity based. This means that you can have as many phones and extensions as you need and only pay based on the number of active calls at any time. No longer will you be paying for inactive phones, pay just for what you use!

If you want:

  • Your own phone system
  • To have advance features and functionality in your phones
  • You phone accessible anywhere in the world
  • A dedicated conferencing service

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