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Cyber Security

Cyber crime is one of the biggest threats to small business today. If you company falls victim to a ransomware attack or worse an attack which exposes client data, you could be facing much more than an inconvenience. Laws in many states and under consideration at the Federal level, will force public disclosure of the breach. Once it is out there, your company's integrity and competence will be called into question. If it is determined that your company failed to take adequate precautions to protect the data, you could face either crushing lawsuits or criminal prosecution for failing to be proactive with protection.

Further, your bank is not required to replace funds which are stolen as the result of a cyber crime (go ask them) and unless you have specific coverage in your business insurance policy, any financial losses will be denied coverage.

Unfortunately, experience has shown that it is not safe to assume your existing IT service is doing everything they should to protect you. And the nation's rapid transition to a work at home environment has only increased the threat by including home computers on company networks. This is a rapidly evolving area of threat, and vulnerabilities must be tested and address on a continuous basis.

If you think you are safe and that this can't happen to you, we hope that is true. But to be sure, let us take a look. With your permission, we will run an assessment of your IT systems specifically for data security issues. We will give you an overall score for security as well as detail what is going right and what needs improvement. And if you act now, we will include a Dark Web scan to determine if your companies security credentials are already being sold to criminals.


Robert M.

Pueblo, CO

Mr. Brown was very knowledgeable. He had a great demeanor, helping us with many problems regarding our computer, lab top, and printer. I would recommend him to others.

Robert S.

Colorado City, CO

Showed up right on time, corrected the problem on my Mac computer as well as my wife's PC. Knowledgable, personable and fairly priced for having to drive as far as he did. He was able to answer…

Patricia P.

Pueblo, CO

very knowledgeable and was great at explaining what was going on with printer

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