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Business Services

Managed Services

With a Managed Services contract, we work directly with your business to construct the perfect IT plan for your business. With tailored solutions we can directly address any unique challenges for your business while removing the upcharge features other vendors charge for. A monthly contract also allows you to get IT spending under control and allow you to focus on what matters most, running your business.

Managed Backups and Business Continuity

Can your business survive a disaster? With BITOS Managed Backups and Business Continuity we provide customized solutions to allow your business to survive a disaster of any size.

Hosted Business Phone Systems

Our hosted cloud voice systems put the cloud to work on your phones. Our dedicated environment ensures that your phone system is separate. Flexible pricing options empower your business with a top of the line features at a fraction of the price. With BITOS Hosted VoIP you will no longer be reliant on a computer in the closet, paying full price for light users, or sharing your phone system with others.

Data Security

Many small business feel like a cyber attack "wont happen to them". In reality, 47% of small business experienced a cyber attack in 2018. The average attack costs a small business $35,000 in damages. Let us revamp your data security before your business becomes another statistic. 


Robert M.

Pueblo, CO

Mr. Brown was very knowledgeable. He had a great demeanor, helping us with many problems regarding our computer, lab top, and printer. I would recommend him to others.

Robert S.

Colorado City, CO

Showed up right on time, corrected the problem on my Mac computer as well as my wife's PC. Knowledgable, personable and fairly priced for having to drive as far as he did. He was able to answer…

Patricia P.

Pueblo, CO

very knowledgeable and was great at explaining what was going on with printer

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